our mission

At AJC, we believe that success is reliant upon the motivation of people through the creation of the right conditions for them to thrive. We're here to create those conditions.

We deliver skills development and coaching programs customized to match the needs of our clients. The motivational environment we create is based around accountability and behaviour change, leading to increased productivity and measurable results.

Andrew Jane are experts in a number of fields, notably Time Management and Productivity, but also Sales Skills Development, Key-Note Speaking and Facilitation Services.


All programs are supported by group and personal coaching, a unique offering in today's market.


Whether you are a business leader, a manager or individual, we provide a skills development and coaching program that will help you achieve and exceed your goals.

If you are looking for an accomplished Key-Note Speaker to make an important presentation or to be voice of your next promotional video, if you require leading facilitation services for workshops or meetings, or if you need some guidance on effective management of time and energy, AJC can help.

AJC Consultants possess vast experience, knowledge and wisdom.

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