AJC Coaching Services

At AJC, success is defined by positive behaviour change of participants during and after completion of a training program. That doesn't happen by accident.


All teams and individuals participating in the Time Master and Sales Pro programs receive follow up coaching sessions in order to ensure the skills being taught are put into practice.


In addition to Time Master and Sales Pro Coaching support, we also provide personalized individual coaching in a range of core skills and competencies.


To request more information about personal coaching, click here.

Recent testimonial: 

Dear Paul,


Thank you so much for the guidance and coaching. You are a superstar coach who expects the highest level of performance form your ‘coachees’. It was a privilege to learn from you and get to know you better.


Your words are for a lifetime:


Train hard - Sell easy - Relentlessly execute your activity  - Manage your time - Put the Procrasti-Cutioner to work.

Sudip Nair, Crestpoint Consultants Ltd.

Bangalore, India

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