time master

Improve functionality by changing the way you organize your life.

saying goodbye to old habits

  • Assessment of what isn’t working and why

  • Where Your Time Really Goes

  • Tapping The Bucket – Keeping The Tasks Moving, No Matter The Size

setting up a productive workspace

  • Getting all your stuff in the right place

  • Inbox discipline: the Power of the DEED

  • Technology: trick or treat?

  • Understanding the Tools Available and if they would work for you

project planning:

the 5-step time master process

  • Gather

  • Triage

  • Systematize

  • Execute

  • Review

killing off procrastination

Introducing The Unique AJC Procrasti-Cutioner:

  • Breaking Tasks Down

  • Defining The Real Tasks

  • Getting Things Moving

your distraction-free work zone

  • Identifying The Distractions You Didn’t Know Were There

  • Causes And The Implications;

  • Closing The Door Of Discipline;

  • Solutions Leading To Increased Productivity And Stress-Free Work

All Time Master Modules include follow-up team and personalized coaching sessions at 30-day, 90-day and 6-month intervals.


Time Master is the AJC Flagship program that enables our clients to reduce workload

while achieving their goals before deadlines expire.

The program begins with an analysis of work practices and the creation of a diagnostic report.

Customized training modules are then created to include all or some of the following content: