• Paul W

End of Summer Goals?

We are now into August, and while it may appear that we are yet to hit the summer peak that tips us over into Fall, there are many indicators that spring is long gone and summer has a limited time span ahead.

One of the warning signs is the removal of garden centres within the confines of grocery store parking lots. They are the first indication of spring when they pop up as the last of the snow melts to free up space for plants and landscaping materials.

Other signs include the seasonal section of home improvement centres – the bar-b-ques and lawn mowers are gone (or being sold off at ‘final sale’ prices) to be replaced by snow blowers and shovels.

This always reminds me of my goals for the summer. What did I intend to get done that can only be done when it is warm? A yard project, a camping weekend, some water sports? Time is running out, so maybe it is time to reassess those goals, ask myself what routine they were designed to support (manage a great looking garden, spend more time in the outdoors, use my windsurfing equipment more often), then set a system in place to achieve those goals.

This summer has been like no other, with the Covid-19 pandemic taking its toll on our activities, but with so many people working from home, I posted some thoughts a few months ago about what to do with the extra commute time available – which for some can be around 10 hours a week.

Why not reassess that time, and ensure you use it wisely to complete those summer goals in order to feel good about what you have achieved heading into the Fall?