• Paul W

Focus for Reward!

I was listening to a Productivity Podcast over the weekend during which it was claimed that distractions are a part of everyday life and we just have to work around them. This subject has always interested me because I believe that nearly all distractions are self-inflicted, or we at least play some part in the impact they have on us.

Last week I decided to spend a few hours working at the table in my garden. It was beautiful hot weather and I knew I could get around three hours in each morning before the sun came over the house making it too hot and too bright. I turned my phone off, put my laptop in Airplane mode, and did several 45-minute blocks of work, during which I achieved a lot of productivity.

There was though, a significant distraction: one of my neighbours decided to mow his lawn, and he has a very loud mower. Since there was nothing I could really do to stop him, I simply had to focus and get on with my work.

Focus is an interesting word. How do we focus when there are many distractions around us?

The first thing is to have something you want to achieve – a clear objective. Then decide your time limit to get it done. Then the tools you need. Then create a ‘block’ of some description so whatever else is going on you can zero-in on the task – then just go for it.

Finally, when you come out of the block – and you have focused enough to get the job done – give yourself a reward. For me it was a box of Smarties.

So – Focus for Reward!