• Paul W

How Can You Run When It's Raining?

As a runner I love to run in the rain. Ok, let me clarify that for a moment ……. I PREFER to run when it’s dry and fairly cool, but if it is raining it never puts me off – why?

Well, running in the rain presents a different challenge. It can be more uncomfortable, it can make your clothes stick to you, your shoes don’t fit quite so well and – well, it simply isn’t so pleasant.

But wait – you said you ‘love’ to run in the rain ……. But I haven’t come to the best bit yet.

That nice hot post-run-in-the-rain-shower is better than your average post-run-shower!

How so? You are probably going to be colder than usual, you will be very glad to peel those clothes back and kick those soaking wet shoes off, and the water – well it just feels NICER after a run in the rain.

But the BEST bit about that shower is that it meant you didn’t quit from the run.

When you checked out the weather that morning, or you were woken up by the rain lashing against your bedroom window, or your windshield wipers nearly gave up on you when you were driving home, you saw plenty of reasons NOT to run – but they were simply EXCUSES – they were not really REASONS.

Come on – hands up, who has said ‘screw that – I’m NOT running in THIS weather’.

But how does this theory apply to selling?

We all like to sell when the sun shines. By that I mean when the leads are flowing in, things are warm, sales are closing, our prospects have plenty of budget and things are just nice and ………………… EASY. Our bank balances look good and we are all happy. But then we get that weather app warning ‘Rain in the next 24 hours’. This could take the form of markets changing, some serious product defects, your customers getting better offers from a competitor, new government regulations, or some form of recession.

The sun has disappeared, the clouds are gathering, the sky is dark, and suddenly selling is less appealing than it was yesterday. You can do what those ‘fine weather’ runners do – make a bunch of excuses and stay home, or ……you can suck it up, get your shoes and rain jacket on, and get out the door.

Yes, it is a bit tougher.

Yes, it isn’t so comfortable.

Yes, the roads are slippery.

BUT – although it’s not very pleasant, and you have to try a bit harder – the principles are the same. It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other – over and over.

It’s about realizing how far you have to go and what it will take to get there.

Any serious runner times themselves and keeps a record of their progress.

Any serious salesperson records their activity numbers and keeps a record of their progress. (I like to put a little * next to my ‘rain run’ times, especially when they are close to or even better than my dry ones – because that is an indication that I put a bit more effort into getting out there and doing it.)

Similarly, I look proudly at the sales I have closed during difficult times – because those are the ones that took a bit more effort to get out and close. AND – picking up that cheque from those ‘rain run’ sales is just like that ‘post-rain-run-shower’ – it just feels that little bit better.

So, the next time you don’t fancy going out for a run in the rain – just think about what is feels like to get it done, peel those clothes back, kick those shoes off and get in the hot shower.

Results or Excuses – YOU CHOOSE.