• Paul W

How Hard Can it Be?

I mean seriously, how hard can it be?

I love this phrase. During my military career I learned to stop looking at something and thinking it was impossible. During basic training, the word ‘impossible’ was eliminated from our vocabulary. Our mindsets were trained to look at a task and not to consider whether it could actually be done, but rather, how fast or how efficiently it could be done.

Yes, failure often occurred – but that was ALWAYS a learning experience.

In business we often assess a project and doubt whether it is a sensible option, and of course there can only be limited comparisons with military training as the consequences are much more significant, but I see too many people in business (and in life in general), quit before they even start because they think the task is too hard.

Instead, I always recommend taking a rational approach to the task. Consider the reality of the challenge, gather as much information as possible and based on that, make an informed decision.

And then when you do indeed accomplish your objective, reflect on your success, review your initial reservations, and use those outcomes to prime your mindset for moving forward. And if the next task seems impossible …… ask yourself that question: Seriously – how hard can it be?