• Paul W

My Boss is Asking Too Much of Me

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how to manage our tasks when we feel under pressure from our manager?’.

Well, this was a question I was asked during a webinar I was invited to present for Benchmark Benefits Solutions Inc. recently, entitled ‘Focus Your Energy to Master Your Time’ and the answer, for me, always comes back to the same key word: communication.

There should always be an open line of communication between managers and their staff with regard to how they are focusing their energy and time. Whenever I have been in a leadership position I tried to check in on my team every day to see where they were putting their focus (sometimes it was in the wrong areas) and energy (sometimes they would be spending too long on a project, which was very draining).

Now I know many people will say that their manager doesn’t really listen to them, they just expect them to get on with the job, but there are some key questions you can try out if you feel you are being asked to complete too many tasks or that you are feeling overwhelmed:

I am fine with getting on with this task, but where does it fit with regard to the importance of these other tasks I have been allocated (show your ABC list)?

So I can plan my day/week, what additional tasks can you see coming my way?

I am confident I have the capacity to accomplish the tasks you have passed down to me over the last week, but I do not think I can complete those that I received this morning. Can you please clarify the relative importance so I am able to prioritize?

If asking these questions does not ease your workload, then you should request a one-on-one meeting with your manager to discuss your situation, and if that does not work and you feel the work you are allocated is simply too much for you to cope in a professional and enjoyable manner, then rather than battle on regardless, you may need to consider your future in that role.

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