• Paul W

Time or Task

For many months now, the majority of the work force have been working from home (they have also been living at work – but we’ll save that topic for another day), and as we enter the Fall, the question arises as to whether businesses should start to return to their traditional office environment, keep their staff at home, or mix the two together.

In many ways this is a more confusing scenario than when the lock-down first arose as business leaders (and the already overstretched Human Resource department) try to keep tabs on who is working from where – and WHEN?

This takes us back to one of the first Vlogs we produced in March that attracted over 2,000 views, that were based around the question of ‘how do managers stay in control of how many hours their staff are working if they are not in the office?

My answer then is the same as it is now: you don’t, you focus instead on what you want them to achieve and by when.

I have heard some horror stories of companies insisting staff remain permanently logged into Zoom (and counter-actions where staff have created video images of themselves as backgrounds to create the impression they are at their desks – which made me smile).

If your team are working from home, from the office, or mixing them up, functionality strategies should not change: communicate with them to ensure you are aligned on tasks, confirm what support they require, agree on completion dates and any check-ins – then let them get on with it while managing their own schedules.

It’s the tasks that count – so don’t get sucked into worrying about how many hours your team are sat at their desks.