• Paul W

When Was the Last Time You Went Home?

COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown – Week 7.

So, how is the ‘working from home’ experience working out for you?

Nice not having to commute?

Enjoying the casual look each day?

Great to spend more time with the family?

Loving all these remote calls rather than having to sit in those uncomfortable office chairs and not able to check social media every two minutes?

Maybe this is the future – no more ‘going to work’!


How is the ‘living at the office’ experience working out for you?

Have you tried adding up much how time each week you are spending ‘at home’ or ‘at work’? A recent study in the UK claimed that people are working an average of 28 hours extra each month while working from home compared to how much work they would do under normal circumstances.

Why? Well, it is probably because they never leave the office – their laptop is ….. just there, you know, on the dining room table, just calling out to for them to answer that email that just appeared on their phone, or wanting them to open up that report and read it again, or compelling them to comment on something their colleague just sent to their boss, otherwise she will think they are the only one on the team who isn’t working …… at 10:00pm on Friday evening, or 2:00pm on Saturday afternoon, or 7:00am on Sunday morning.

But how do we ‘go home’? You know, get done and switch off. Let’s look at it from the Team Leader’s perspective:

There are two ways to deal with the working from home situation.

1. You can do whatever you can to hold your team accountable for the full 40+ hours per week, set them up permanently on ZOOM to make sure they are not out walking the dog or playing with the kids, which is a great way to lose any modicum of trust that may be left if that is way you always handle things.

2. You could have your daily remote huddle, get feedback on the day before, discuss team objectives for the day, ask who needs some time with you that day and schedule one-on-one meetings, and LET THEM GET ON WITH STUFF.

You could maybe do a late afternoon check-in – but set the example and close down (and insist they do likewise by setting some rules like ‘No email after close down’) at 5:00pm.

Team Member? If you work for the boss above – good for you, you are being left alone to manage your own time, so use it wisely.

Define your Energy Zones (ask for more information on the Time Master Foundation Program), plan your work (ABC lists), create some space (Time Blocking), don’t delay (use the Procrasti-Cutioner) and get into some Workback Scheduling to hit your target.

Then – set a close down time, switch the off button, close the door ….. and GO HOME.