• Paul W

When We Feel Like Sprinting

Have you ever been on a walk or gentle jog and felt like suddenly breaking into a sprint? Possibly not (or ‘no way’, as you may be thinking), but maybe you have sometimes felt like just running hard to the next tree, or pushing hard up the hill, or putting on a spurt of speed to end the run.

My friend, Tina King, recently posted this observation on LinkedIn and it got me thinking about that very scenario and a discovery I made last year.

I was selected to represent Canada at the World Duathlon Championships in Ponte Vedra, Spain. My race was a short distance sprint duathlon of a 5km run, 20km bike and 2.5km run. As this was much shorter than the usual distances I train for, I changed my preparation from long arduous sessions to short, high speed interval training, but what was interesting was that during the build-up to the race, I also ran the annual 30km Around the Bay road race in Hamilton, Ontario.

Because I had not done ANY long distances, I assumed my time would be not great. But as it turned out, I ran my fastest ever time for 30km and broke my half marathon personal best in the process.

I am back to long-distance racing now, and I include lots of short high-intensity sprint sessions into my training, which is helping my longer race times.

When we are working on a project, we can often get caught up on the longevity of the work required. We think about the size of the task and allow ourselves to procrastinate and become distracted.

But if we break the task down into a series of short ‘sprints’, we are more likely to get things moving, overcome procrastination, and experience freedom from distractions.

And let’s face it, when are me most likely to get distracted? When we are slowly running a long distance, or when we are sprinting for a short distance to complete a workout.

If you feel sprinting – just go for it!