• Paul W

Who Checks Email When They Are Kitesurfing?

I was facilitating Module 2 of our Time Master Foundation Series with our clients in Morocco last week and we were talking about Compound Efficiency Improvements (CEI) as well as our personal Identity being determined by the actions we take and the routines we adopt.

One of our participants was explaining how his CEI for the week was to spend less time being distracted while in his Professional Energy Zone. I know he is a keen kite-surfer (which he obviously does when in his Personal Energy Zone) and asked him if he ever took his phone out on the water and checked his email or social media while he is skimming over the top of the waves?

The answer of course was a firm ‘NO’ (and a broad smile). When you are kite-surfing, you need to concentrate and focus strongly on the task in hand, otherwise one mistake could see you lose control and get dragged like a rag doll downwind for a very long way.

There is often a misconception that we have to ‘multi-task’ while we are at work, when in fact we rarely have to ‘multi-task’ at all, instead, we are ‘task switching’, and every time we return to a task we were previously working on, we have to refocus yet again.

All this does is drag us downwind, sometimes with a feeling that we are not in control, which only serves to sap our mental energy sources.

Imagine checking your email when you are kitesurfing – you lose control of the kite, smash into the water and start getting dragged downwind at a dangerous rate of knots – and yet we allow this to happen to ourselves when we are in our Professional Energy Zone.

Next time you want to get a task completed in the office, imagine you are kitesurfing and want to remain in control. Don’t take your phone out on the water – instead, mute it, focus on the wind and the waves, and get the job done.