Our program is flexible and consistent.

Select from a robust menu of modular in-person training options to suit the specific needs of your business.
Most clients start with Sales Fundamentals, then add the modules which best align with the needs of their teams.


At AJC we are so confident in our ability to transform the sales teams of our clients, that we offer a no-risk trial of our program. Your team can test our content and deliverables before you decide if Sales Pro is the right fit for your business.

Sales Fundamentals


Fostering Client Relationships

Developing Client Focused Solutions

Negotiating and Closing

Following Up & Customer Service

Professional Sales Conduct

  • The Profiles of Successful Sales People

  • Setting Goals You Can Achieve

  • Effective Management of Your Time and Energy

  • Listening LOUD

  • KPIs and Getting to Know Your Numbers

  • Account Planning

  • Segmenting and Target Setting

  • Creating Buying Personas

  • Profiling Your Ideal Customer

  • Preparing the Sales Presentation

  • Why Relationships Matter

  • Using Market Intelligence in Fostering Relationships

  • Building Lasting Rapport

  • Letting Prospects Lead the Conversation

  • What EXACTLY do they need?

  • Tailoring our Pitch to meet their Challenges

  • Aligning our Solutions to their Needs

  • Guiding the Prospect Down the Path to a Decision

  • Objection Handling

  • Strategies Buyers Use to Cut the Price

  • Redlines and the Importance of Profit Margins in Negotiations

  • How to Provide a Great Solution to your Client’s Price Objections

  • Is There Any Value in Your Value Proposition?

  • Aligning Your Pitch to Your Customer’s Personality Style

  • Components of a Winning Follow-Up System

  • When and Why to Follow Up

  • Raising the level of Customer Expectations

  • Dealing with the Challenging Customer

  • Acting with Integrity

  • Being a Great Team Player

All Sales Pro Modules include follow-up team and personalized coaching sessions at 30-day, 90-day and 6-month intervals.


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