Online Programs

We've coached and trained people in hundreds of organizations worldwide since 2006.

In 2020, all coaching and training programs were successfully converted to virtual delivery options and our clients are LOVING it.  

Explore our online offerings below, and tap into our expertise and passion.

Distraction Freedom Full Size.png

A life-changing 8-week program to help busy professionals work distraction free, in order to be more productive, achieve a higher level and spend more time with the people they love.

  • Premium program with video modules, live group check-ins and private coaching

  • Homework and accountability

  • Downloadable transcripts and exercises

  • Self-paced, with 1 year access

A modular program for organizations, to assess and improve functionality for individuals and teams in any environment. 

  • Premium program with team and individual coaching

  • Begins with full analysis and report

  • Menu of online module options

  • Certification levels

Declutter Your Mind

in 30 Days

A deep dive into many aspects of mindfulness. Each weekday for 4 weeks we'll share information, tips, exercises and opportunities to learn these practices.


On the weekends you'll be invited to reflect and discover which practices worked best for you.

  • 30 day program

  • Reduce worry and anxiety

  • Enjoy life more with greater awareness

  • Lifetime access

If you are interested​ in improving your overall well-being, getting super sleep every night is an excellent place to start.

Evaluate your current quality of sleep, learn how to cultivate healthy sleep habits, create a bedtime routine and  discover some additional strategies you can try!

  • 6 lessons with hands-on activities

  • Improve your sleep, one day at a time

  • Completely self-paced

  • Lifetime access

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