Improve functionality by changing the way you organize your life.

I enjoyed and found value in every facet of the workshop.  In particular the ABC list. It was something that I found particularly intriguing. In my opinion I was struggling with managing my time efficiently.

I implemented it into my routine shortly after returning from our conference. The results have been illuminating to say the least. Where I used to struggle to maintain focus on my daily responsibilities,


I now have clear direction and if for any reason I have to switch gears and go a different way I found my Time-Master process brings me right back to centre.


It’s been a game changer for me, no question.

Mike Beatty

Battlefield Equipment Rentals

Email inbox discipline was the biggest takeaway for me. I did not realize how bad my inbox was until hearing Paul talk about this. I reviewed my inbox and realized I had emails sitting in there that had been there for years!


I have since cleaned it up to the current week and have created A,B,C folders to help keep it clean and organized.


I could not believe how much this feels like it has relieved me of stress. I feel more relaxed and less overwhelmed looking at my emails now.


The number of emails in my inbox went from 2,000+ to currently at 24. Thank you for yet again another great program! keep up the good work! 

Christian Ironside

Battlefield Equipment Rentals

All Levels include follow-up team and personalized coaching sessions

at 30-day, 90-day and 6-month intervals.

The Time Master program begins with an analysis of current work practices

and the creation of a diagnostic report.

We then create customized training modules for your organization 

based on the above components of our Certification Levels.

To learn how your organization can benefit from the Time Master Certification Program,

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certified trainer program

  • Facilitation and Coaching Techniques required to deliver the Time Master program at a professional standard, across a company group

  • A Certified Trainer has the ability to facilitate the Time Master program from Foundation to Level 2 through internal coaching program under license

level two: leadership

  • Empowerment to Increase Team Productivity through best-practice Leadership and Functionality practices

  • Use of personal Time Management techniques, learned and practiced through the Foundation and Level 1 programs, to improve team efficiency

  • Careful management of Energy Zones and considerations required to assist team members

  • Advanced knowledge and practice of Work-Back Schedules

level one: relational

  • Application of Time Master Techniques across the Team Environment

  • Master the ability to adapt and adjust to constant workplace change through Time Master best practices

  • Advanced Task Prioritization Techniques in a Team Environment

  • Development of Work-Back schedules in an advanced scenario with problem solving and a solutions-based discussion activity

foundation level

  • Principles of Time Management Behaviour Change

  • Personal Time Energy Zones and Replenishment Techniques

  • Prioritization in line with the Corporate Mission

  • Operational Communication SOPs

  • Killing off Procrastination and Distractions

  • Time-Blocking

  • Creating a Work-Back Schedule

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